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Celebrate the little things!

How can you stay positive when everything seems to be going wrong? Trust me, as a mom of 3

young kids, I get it! A lot can go wrong quickly. We have to celebrate the small things. Today has been so rough... No joke. In our house we only get the weekends.

This mama is home 24/7 with her 3 kiddos, and daddy sleeps during the day and works all through the night. We don't get a lot of alone time, and with this pandemic a lot has been messed up for us this year.

My husband is considered an essential worker (non-medical), so his schedule hasn't changed and he is still out in force. In March I celebrated my 30th birthday, and it was one of the saddest birthdays I have ever had... My husband was sick as a dog and had self quarantined 3 days prior awaiting test results from a drive up clinic. I spent my birthday alone and like I spend every other day. It was hard... But what made me able to boost my mood? I celebrated the little things. I had many little gift drop offs and my husband had prepared early this year. He had gifts waiting for me, many friends had items delivered. The day ended pretty alright when I looked at it more closely.

We also had big Anniversary plans in April. We were headed to Disneyland for 5 days without our

kids! Then Disneyland closed... Well, we thought we still had family planning to sit for us, so maybe we could just have an overnight alone at home... Then- My grandfather had some major medical issues that needed more attention than my grandmother could manage on her own, so they rushed to their aid. What was meant to be a quick weekend visit that wouldn't interrupt our plans, turned into 10 days... We spent the entirety of my hubby's vacation (that we had to book/plan 5 months in advance) surrounded by the same things we always are and no real vacation or ANY time alone. So what was their to celebrate? God's sense of humor was not all that funny to me.

But as we reflected we realized, we actually got some great quality family time together. Jake is healthy and home with us! We made some great memories and bonded more as a family. My parents were able to really make some drastic and needed changes with my grandfather's health care that have made a massive impact in his overall health. I'm telling ya, celebrate the little things- they are pretty amazing...

Now let's hit today... NORMALLY, I write my posts in advance and schedule them to go out on a certain time and day... well this past week was really busy for me with my work from home, my kids, their school, my husband's job etc... Basically the week was long and hard and my time got away from me. Saturday comes along and my dad needed some assistance in his garden, and he is graciously giving us some space to plant our own garden (we live down the street from each other so it'll be easy caring and harvesting), so we spent our day there. As Sunday rolled along we thought we might take a quick outing together and leave the kids at my parents for a couple hours... Well.... my mom was feeling sick and fell asleep so we waited all day to hear if they were able to take them, my dad wanted to wait for my mom- she woke up still feeling crappy so we were unable to take some time alone... again... Guys- I'm not gonna lie... it's incredibly frustrating and so hard.

I hardly ever get time for me or time for just me and my hubby. Even on our Anniversary. Something keeps getting in the way... It's exhausting. I try hard to put on a good face and to be understanding of everyone's issues that come up... And I know three kids is scary and hard to take on... Especially young ones... But thats why I NEED it. They are all I do, day in and day out. I cried in frustration as we drove around trying to nap the kids today... My sweet hubby gave me my inspiration for today's post. I knew I needed it to be a positive mindset post, and I laughed at the irony... How was I supposed to write a positive mindset post when I was NOT in a positive mindset?

He reminded me, celebrate the small stuff. My kids are napping.... It's quite and still and I actually have time mid day where both my little ones are ASLEEP at the same time, and my oldest has a good book to read... He is doing the housework and I am sitting here in the peace and quiet, listening and feeling the warm breeze and spring birds sining while I sip a Pibb Xtra that is perfectly crisp and delicious. As I am reminiscing over the little celebrations, my mood is being elevated.... No joke- that fast... Even as I am writing the negatives we have struggled through, it's not bringing me down. Even if just for this moment as I write- my mind is positive!

Remember to see the positives in EVERY bad situation. What good came out of plans falling through? I promise, when you get in the habit of celebrating the little things- your ability to snap out of negativity will grow and you will maintain the positive energy and mind you need to change your life. Don't sweat it mama, celebrate your little things- because YOU are worth it! Together we can rise and improve our mindset to one of joy and positivity!

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