• Alli Fields

Chapter 7: A New Beginning

Jake found his way back to me in late December. We started dating officially again and by this point 3 years had past since we started dating in 2007. His mother had decided it was time for us to get serious or be done for good. I'm pretty sure her intentions were to get us to be a part. She knew her son was not ready to fully commit.

He knew I was not interested in splitting. I had just gotten him back. So, where did our fate land? What were we going to do and how were we going to proceed? One FREEZING cold night, he took me out… We got some hot chocolate and we went to our spot at the water towers. A place we visited often… I had this awful feeling he was waiting to let me down softly. We were 20 years old and were mature enough to handle a calm conversation to end things…

He played music from the car stereo and took my hand to dance. He pulled me close and I vowed to remember every single moment. The way he smelled, the warmth of his hand and his chest on my cheek. His rapid heart beat that was signaling me his news was near. As the song ended, he slowly pulled away from me. This time I was desperate to meet his lips wondering if this was the last one I would get. I fought tears that were pushing their way to the surface as we shared a sweet yet urgent and time freezing kiss.

He grabbed my hand with a big sigh and led me back to the car to look at the view. We sat on the car and he wrapped his arms around me as if to warm me up… we sat in silence as we stared at the city lights. He started to speak, softly and slowly. He said “i’ve been holding on to something for you for a while and I just don’t think I'm gonna have the chance to give it to you down the road, so I want you to have it… He pulled out a gorgeous necklace with some small pearls and beads. It was beautiful. Why was he giving me this? He was getting ready to end it and I now had something to remember the break up with… JOY.

As he helped me off the car and walked me to the other side of the car he pulled out a matching bracelet and said, “This goes with it… if you want it….” He helped me open the boxes and put the necklace and bracelet on. I was shaking slightly and I hope he didn’t notice… But I was anticipating the biggest heartbreak… I knew it was coming. His mom gave him an ultimatum but it was the easiest choice.. Marriage or Freedom. Obvious choice… We reached my door and he opened it like he always had, being a gentleman. As I sat in my seat looking out the front window, I found myself confused at why he hadn’t shut my door. I turned my head to look at him and there was a shimmering white rock with a silver band in his fingers… he was on one knee in a snowy parking lot and he said to me “ Allison Lee Thompson, will you marry me?”

UM... Wait what? Did I hear that right? He did just say marry, right? Well he is holding a ring....

GAH! I playfully hit him in the chest and got out of the car to hug him! He had me really going! Like I thought it was the end. He had tricked me. I kissed him, put the ring on my finger and I was so excited I couldn’t believe it… Of course I said yes! We went back to his house and his mother congratulated us but seemed shocked at the choice her free spirited son had made.. It definitely was not what she expected…

But that didn’t matter to me… I was going to marry my best friend and the man I had been in love with for 3 years. I was getting my happily ever after. Nothing was important any more. The boy who became my white knight had grown into the man I was going to marry and have children with.

Life can be unexpected and sometimes we expect the worst, and the best happens. Or vice versa. We can be caught unawares in many ways and have the opposite of our expectations manifest. It’s important to keep going and no matter what life throws at you, believe good things happen. Believe and wish for the best and be willing to move forward if the opposite transpires. Why? Because Mama, YOU are worth it!

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