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Alli Fields

Founder, CEO and Content Creator

This is The Phoenix Mama:
Rise from the Laundry Pile

Some of you may wonder, WHY The Phoenix Mama? 

    Hi, my name is Alli Fields! I am a 30 year old mama from Utah. I am married
to my High School sweetheart. We have been together for 12 years, married 9.

We have 3 gorgeous kiddos, two girls and a little boy. We own a super irritable bearded dragon and a creepy cool tarantula..... (yeah... these are the animals you have when your hubby is allergic to ALL fur...)

I am a stay at home/ work at home mama and I am so fortunate to be able to be one. But it doesn't mean it's easy... In fact! It's way harder than I ever believed. I thought I would be the best SAHM ever and my kids would be perfect angels who are well rounded and adjusted... HA! Well, life happened, and it's a lot harder than I knew.

I've struggled with finding myself and being less of a perfectionist... In my journey to better myself and love myself as I am, even if I'm not perfect, I felt like I was rising from the ashes of my past. Thus, The Phoenix Mama was born and I have risen so much and felt such a weight lifted that I needed to help other mamas in my same position! Isolation and stress of motherhood doesn't have to be so lonely and hard! In fact we can be happy and fulfilled with more than our babies! I know right? Only in our dreams... Not anymore!
You can RISE from your laundry pile and be a Phoenix Mama too!

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