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Who, What, When, Where and Why?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Wait... Is this another blog dedicated to Stay At Home Moms (SAHM)? There are like a million.... why is this one special? I'll tell you why: because it's from a new perspective you have never heard before. This one is going resonate with YOU and help you feel less overwhelmed as a mother, find yourself as a woman, and give you some resources that will add value to your life. Don't believe me? What have you got to lose except for 5 minutes of a quick read? Let's do this, mama!


Who is The Phoenix Mama? Who is she speaking to?

Alli Fields 30 year old mom of 3 from Utah
Author of The Phoenix Mama Blog: Alli Fields

My name is Alli Fields and I am a 30 year old mom of 3 from Utah. There is often the assumption that because I grew up in and still live in Utah , that I have lived a sheltered life and have no idea what hardships are. This is definitely NOT the case! I want to tell you that I have known horrific hardships and I understand and empathize with any of you who have endured or are currently struggling to endure troubled waters.

I have been through false labels that stuck with me through my formidable Jr High and High school years; adults who made me feel small and defeated when they should have bolstered and lifted me up; betrayals, heart ache, abusive relationships, rape, depression, anxiety, infidelity, alcoholic spouse, a heroin addicted brother-in-law, miscarriages, and more…. If you fit in any of these hardships, I can personally relate…. If you have others, well just look at our collective experiences we can heal and overcome together. You are not alone, and I am here for you! You are why I started this, and you are who I am speaking to!

WHAT: What is this blog and website even about? What will I write about?

Simply put, I'll be blogging about motherhood and the struggles we don't usually talk about. Being a woman requires us to wear many hats, and often we wear too many at one time. My personal journey at this moment in my life is to get better at managing my hats so that I can

figure out when to wear them and do them well, not falling short. Come with me on my journey as I research, study, and deliver resources, tips and expert information for you and for me. Motherhood is busy and harder than I ever thought it would be. I need something more to make me feel like I'm doing something for the world. I feel so small in my home and insignificant. While I know my home and family would fall apart without me, and even with all the hats I wear and execute in my home, I don't always feel valued here. I'm the unsung heroine who is, more often than not, forgotten in the "magic words" and appreciation" departments.

Sometimes our kids forget to use their manners with mama!
Forgotten Gratitude

My journey is to find value in myself, then help others struggling like me do the same in a fraction of the effort, as I have done most of the work for you. Not because I need your appreciation or approval, but.... because YOU are WORTH the effort!

Some posts may be light and fluffy, where other's will be dark and deep... real life is not a Hollywood Movie Reel. REEL does not equal REAL. My life is NOT perfect and I have been through many horrors along with many joyful times. We will go through it all! Don't worry- I will put disclaimers on any posts that may make people uncomfortable and give you a chance to skip it if it's not your cup of tea and/or as a potential trigger warning for you.

WHEN: When will posts come out?

Mark your calendar for new posts from The Phoenix Mama
The Phoenix Mama has a New Post

As of now, I will post twice a week! Once on Sunday when I spend my time reflecting and trying to be closer to my higher power seeking His inspiration for me and how I can bless the lives of others. I will post again on Thursdays. If there is a topic you want to discuss, send me an email or comment on any post. I will do my best to get resources, tips, hacks and information for you in a timely manner. This site is, after all, meant to add value to YOUR LIFE. I want to serve you!

WHERE: Where can you find my blog and other material?

I have personal pages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as The Phoenix Mama pages on Facebook and Instagram, this blog website and a Support Group on Facebook. Join us! Social Links attached to this website are for The Phoenix Mama pages. If you would like to connect personally, shoot me an email.

WHY: Why would I post about my life and care about other moms? Ladies, being a mother, especially a stay at home or work at home mother, is isolating and depressing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and I am so immensely thankful and grateful I get to be home with them.... BUT... you lose yourself in the service of your family, and that's not in the way you lose yourself in the service of your fellow man. You literally lose bits and pieces of yourself until you are no longer the woman you used to be. If you have been fortunate to keep a balance of who you were before marriage and kids- BE THANKFUL! .....and some posts are probably not for you...

This blog is dedicated to women who are desperate to or who long to find themselves and quit being just a shell of their past self. Who need to find pride and love in themselves again. Who need to know they matter. You matter... even when you are sobbing on the shower floor with the door locked and kids pounding on the door screaming for you; when your child needs something from you; if your husband needs you to mend a work shirt or he wants to go out with the guys, leaving you YET AGAIN at home ALONE with the children you love but want a break from. WHY would I write a blog for you? Because I AM you. Maybe just a few steps ahead of where you are. I've put in some work, I've done the time and the research and I've progressed! I'm not at my finish line yet, but let's catch you up, so we can reach it together!

Women need to stick together and value ourselves, and not let other devalue us or make us feel insignificant. Here we will find your power, create a strong warrior and a happy mom/woman! Never forget....YOU are worth it! Together we will Rise from the Laundry Pile!

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