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In a world where healthcare is hard to come by, health concerns are raging, pandemics scour the earth and health and wellness is in the john… how the heck are we supposed to stay healthy? Soil depletion makes our food less nutrient rich, outsourcing to far away places for our produce diminishes the nutrient content by 30% every 3 days, and eating organic is EXPENSIVE. Food prep takes forever... There are so many reasons people choose a fast food chain over buying and preparing healthy meals.

Then, we have kids… who want that happy meal or that toy in the kids meal…. They BEG to go out to eat.. As busy moms, it’s super easy to cave.. at least they are eating right? WRONG. Even child behavior can be linked to nutrition and when a child is lacking, their behavior can plummet. Or if they are having something they shouldn’t, their bodies can react… Let me share some science with you.


There have been studies done for years on the rapid change in our soil’s nutritional value… It’s draining our food of it’s nutrient rich content and growing with less nutrients to feed us. There have been quite a few studies done to show that the soil from 1950-1999 rapidly depleted in the nutrients found in the vegetables and fruits being grown... A lot of researchers attribute this to hybrid practices or the techniques and chemicals used to make fruits and veggies bigger and more colorful... [there are a lot of sources, just look it up, but here is just one:]


MY husband’s family has 9 kids in it… ALMOST every one of them has some nutritional allergy

that affects their behavior… You read that right… NUTRITIONAL ALLERGY. One of his siblings cannot have anything artificial (color, flavors…etc), because if he does- his emotions HULK out… I’ve seen it and it’s scary… It’s less prevalent now that he is an adult, but as a young teen- this was insane, made worse by his hormonal changes through puberty… Sadly- he cant have apples, kiwis, bananas or grapes either… It’s a real thing… He has a sister who is gluten intolerant…. not celiacs, though his sister with down syndrome does have celiacs and is diabetic. But the first sister I mentioned, she has no official diagnosis, not for the lack of trying, but she just cant handle gluten.

My husband suffers from a dairy allergy. Now this is not just an intolerance or if he drinks lactose he is fine… He is literally allergic to the protein in dairy, which means even some margarines that claim they are dairy free are not. The safest bet when trying to consume a traditionally dairy item, is to go Vegan with it. His reaction is night terrors and he gets a little wild… He also struggles with puffy under-eyes. I remember when I first experienced a night terror with him before I knew his allergy… SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! He sat up in the dead of night and SCREAMED “SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!” then he lied back and was sound asleep and calm…

Not me! No Ma’am, I was freaked out… I shook him awake and I was like- “Uh… are you okay?” “Yeah, why what’s wrong?” “Well you just screamed for help….so?”

“Oh… Sorry about that… it’s probably the chocolate we had. Dairy gives me night terrors.”

“Oh… okay…. so you are fine? Yeah okay. Okay, good…huh.”

OKAY, NOT good… maybe something I should know about…? Just maybe?

Now he passed this on to my oldest… Which really sucks… She used to be fine eating dairy, but when she started to get hyper emotional we started looking at her diet, and because of my husband’s family, the first things we looked at were artificial colors and dairy…. We started with dairy and after a month of letting her system clear it all out, we noticed a big difference. No more crying over having to wait 15 minutes to do something she really wanted to do, no crying because she couldn’t put her leg in her pant leg, no more tears over the remote not responding, or her friends not being able to play…. She was so much more reasonable. It was NIGHT and DAY! She was really not happy about it and still isn’t even though she has been dairy free for 3 years now. There is science behind it, look into it if you think I'm crazy, but if your kid has an attitude problem or is aggressive, don’t assume psycho or mental disability… CHECK THEIR DIET!

Now- let’s not forget the constant moving, never slow down life that motherhood is, especially with more than one kid, with a job, with extra curriculars, being a stay at home mom with a million things to do every day… If you are like me, we forget to eat often… Crazy that it doesn’t help us lose any weight though…. That’s also likely because being on the go we are eating quick grabs that are full of junk and preservatives and really not great for us… We don’t drink enough water, and we just don’t take the best care of ourselves. We are too busy taking care of EVERYONE and THEIR DOG.

So crappy soil, kids behavior issues and a lack of caring for ourselves… what are we supposed to do? What’s a cost effective way to stay healthy and that the whole family can do? A lot of those supplements and vitamins are not good for everyone… they have things kids shouldn’t have, or too much synthetic versions that it's really not healthy anyway….. Well, supplementing IS the only way to go these days. Even if you eat organic only, you are missing a lot of nutrients your body needs. I wanna share my favorite nutritional supplement that has changed a lot for my family.

For my oldest, it’s dairy free, it provides her daily need of nutrients and it even mellows the symptoms of her ADHD. Within 10 minutes of taking this, she is focused, her mood is improved, and I can put it in her water and she can sip on it all day. It’s 100% natural, it’s nutrition I just couldn’t provide even if I wanted to.

For my youngest two, they can split the serving with their older sister, and I know, no matter what kind of day we are having, they will get their nutrients, even if I have to cop out and get fast food. My 3 year old is the worst eater, but when I mix this in with her juice, or a smoothie, I know she will not be malnourished, no matter what her current stance on eating chicken or fruits and vegetables is. My little dude is a GREAT eater, but with nutrient starved produce, I need to know he is secure and healthy. Now I do.

My husband is a fit dude, but he is also super busy with a weird schedule working the night ops manager shift. He works all night and sleeps all day… It can be hard to eat with a bizarre schedule, so when he can get his daily nutrients in a simple fast way- we all feel better if he has to skip a meal or doesn’t feel ready to eat when he wakes up at dinner time.

Now mama’s we talked about the insane schedules we run… the meals we miss, the nutrients we starve ourselves of in the face of caring for our loved ones… If you could get the daily nutrients your body needs in 30 seconds, would you do it? I do. When I skip breakfast and/or lunch, I'm totally okay with it because I know this tiny little simply solution will give me energy, clarity, nutrients and a ton of OTHER AMAZING outcomes… Some women with depression have even felt safe getting off their medications after using this. Think about this, a lot of the misfires in our brain our due to a lack of nutrition. Our bodies were made to do amazing things.. When you provide your body what it needs to function properly, it can heal itself and regulate the way it was designed to. No wonder we have so many people with heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, high cholesterol and so many other health problems… We don’t have nutrient rich food anymore.

I can feed this to my family for $3/day/adult and $1/day/kid since I can break it into 3 and still provide all they need in their little bodies… That means for $9/day (the same it would cost for me to order 3 drinks at SWIG or 2 drinks from starbucks, or 2-3 energy drinks, or 1 combo meal or 1 organic meal at a restaurant) I can give my family ALL of their daily nutrient needs. This is why this is my favorite. The ingredients are incredible, there is no synthetic materials used, it’s non GMO, Vegan, Dairy FREE and 100% Natural. You can't find these benefits at this cost ANYWHERE.

You can get more info on it from the link in MY FAVORITE NUTRITION on my site or at this link:

With one serving of this stuff I am getting the equivalent of all these ingredients in this picture

here. It would take ALL of that, to get the nutrients I get in 1 oz of this supplement. How expensive would it be to buy all that food for each member of your family, prepare it in a healthy way that keeps the nutrients intact and eat it….. in one day? It would never happen. There are so many reasons I love this stuff, and it’s amazing what providing our bodies the proper nutrition can do… Just a few examples from myself…. My hair and nails would never grow. My hair stopped at my shoulders then would dry out and be brittle. My nails cracked and broke really low… 7 months into using this supplement I started to notice my nails weren’t breaking, they were growing past my fingertips, my hair was fuller, healthier and GROWING…. I was also losing some inches on my body. I wasn’t craving junk nearly as much, I was sleeping way better, and even nights I got 2 hours of sleep, I felt more energetic. My hair is now past the middle of my back, so healthy my stylist notices and I have to trim my nails often because they grow so long and fast.

But what’s more… I haven’t been sick in 3 years since I started taking this stuff. It has boosted my immune system and kept me healthy with the ability to fight viruses before they take hold on me. I am pretty sure my husband (who stopped taking this consistently) had covid19 back in March… the rest of my family never got sick. Not once… That’s not to say we haven’t felt crappy on occasion, but we have NOT BEEN SICK. No flus, no colds, nothing… There is something to keeping your immune system healthy and being nutrient rich on the inside… It’s worth giving it a try to remain healthy or keep your body in fighting condition amidst a pandemic. Why? Because Mama, YOU are worth it! Frankly, so is your family. Together we can rise above the health crisis in the world, but first, let’s start with ourselves and our families. Keep your kids healthy and strong as they head back to school. Stay Happy and Stay Healthy!

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