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Summer Fun in the Sun!

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Summer vacation is something a lot of kids look forward to... but most parents dread it. It means we now have to fill our kids' days with activities and adventures that are educational, fun and active! So how do we put all that together? Our kids' aren't the same ages and they definitely don't always like the same activities. My 8 year old will play with her siblings but her attention level and ability to pay attention to detail is more extensive than her 3 year old sister an 2 year old brother.

Don't you fret, mama! I've got a few activities up my sleeve for you! Granted a lot of them came from my insanely creative and fun husband. However- these are great activities that are fun, educational and active that have NOTHING to do with a television, tablet, telephone or computer screen! You heard me. SCREEN FREE FUN! Not to mention, they are activities you might really enjoy jumping in on!


So yes! This is nothing new. Chalk is an excellent kid friendly activity that can keep them busy for

hours. But how do you make it healthy, fun and educational? Find a shady area and have water cups or bottles on hand. Then your kids can enjoy the warm air without the blaring heat and dehydration. Then, have a good set of chalk... A lot of colors and multiples of each. This alleviates fighting over colors.. everyone has their own set. This saves my sanity... no joke! Make it fun by asking each kid to draw something specific and add a timer! "Everyone draw mommy a fish! You have 45 seconds... Ready... Set... Go!" set your timer and see each kids interpretation of the items you ask them to draw... If your kids are like mine, they get territorial and dont like anyone encroaching on their drawing space... If you can, separate their drawing spaces by drawing large squares or rectangles for each child. This is THEIR space... they cant draw out of it, and no one else can draw in it. Keeps the screams to a minimum! Next, make it educational! "Color a RED flower. Color a Blue sun.... Is the sun blue? nooooo! silly mommy! what color is the sun? YELLOW! Color mommy a YELLOW sun!" Use the opportunity to teach colors to your younger kids.


You don't need a big pool to have fun, no matter your kids ages... There are so many ways for kids of all ages to have fun in a little blow up or fold out pool. Our kids LOVE water balloon fights. We will load up a mini pool with water and water balloons. Then we stand back and cant to 3. On three, everyone runs to grab some balloons and we run around throwing balloons at each other! On a hot summer day- the cool water feels amazing. It's exercise, AND fun the whole family can have! If you have a trampoline (particularly one with a net), get your kids up there and throw balloons at them while they jump and dodge your throws. It's kind of therapeutic! Throwing things at your kids that won't hurt them. Come on, I know every parent sometimes wishes they could throw something at their mouthy kids ;).... Just me? Moving on! Orbeez! MMMkay! One of our favorite things! If you don't know what they are! Just you wait, Enry Iggins! Just you wait!

Orbeez start as these dehydrated tiny little beads.... they comes in the hundreds and thousand counts... AMAZON has incredible quantities, but you can get these at any retail store like Walmart, Smiths or Target too. You put them in water and over a couple hours they grow like 10x their size! They grow to be these little gel beads that are really fun for textile fun! Sensory play in action! My hubby decided to put these in our mini pool on Sunday... Guys- my kids played harmoniously for over an hour! We gave them cups, strainers and bath toys... We even put a plastic lawn side table in there and they went to town collecting, sorting and creating fun atmospheres for their toys and spa's for their hands and feet. We also love these indoor! Get a clear bin to soak them in. Let your kids dip their hands in and play around! They don't stay hydrated forever. They will start to shrink down and if you leave them in water too long they get really slimy and weird. But a day or two of fun if you store them. As long as they don't get squished- they will be just fine for your carpet too. Once they dry up you can vacuum them and they are non existent!


Have a picnic in your lawn... Find a shady place, use your picnic table, have a blanket, set up a

trampoline picnic (dangerous if your kids will only jump and not eat- then food flies everywhere! Trust me... carrots and grapes bounce a lot!) and even a pool dip picnic are great (pick the one that suits your child's age). Kids love eating outside... Don't ask me why... I hate ants, flies and bees buzzing all over while I am trying to eat... But KIDS LOVE EATING OUTSIDE! Also my favorite cheap and quick cold snack for my kids... Twin pops.. you break them down the middle and give each kid 1/2 a popsicle. Way less melt, way less mess, and plenty of sugar (but not as much as a full popsicle! Mix and match flavors or make everyone have the same flavor and avoid fights. Otter pops are always a great mess free cold snack too. less opportunity for spills and melting messes. Use a paper towel on the stick or plastic to help your younger ones hold on longer without getting sticky or too cold.


When it's just too hot to be outside, playdoh and coloring fun are excellent activities. But not just traditional play... Remember the chalk game we played? The timer and the subject to draw? Same game, but now with playdoh. "Everyone make a pizza slice. You have 45 seconds... ready.... go!" Add a silly accent as you talk and the giggles are endless!Join in and create with your kids!

You can also MAKE your own playdoh and that is a fun activity itself! You can use food coloring to make the colors you want, oils to make it smell good, glitter to make is shimmer.... Not to mention, homemade playdoh is safe if ingested. The ingredients are basically salt, flour and water.... For the younger kids who might stick it in their mouths- this is a much safer alternative to store bought playdoh.

Coloring pages are always excellent- but change it up! Make it fun! Use water colors, or paint or mixed medias. Be okay with a little mess and remember you are creating memories and nourishing their creativity. Leave the housework for an hour or two and you won't regret it! I made some of my own coloring pages that I love to do with my kids! We have imagination pages, "my favorite" pages, use the WRONG color pages, Color OUTSIDE the lines pages and more! Get one of my coloring sets (7 pages of fun) in a FREE PDF HERE! Print them off and have a blast! Put them on the fridge, save them in your baby books or in their files! However you save memories. Don't forget to document your fun, but get in it too! We are typically behind the lens. It's time to get in the frame! I have a new favorite tool! I've been using it to capture memories but get in them too! A remote clicker to take photos and a tripod to hold your phone... Handsfree photo opps you get to be in, all via bluetooth! Get 12% off and free shipping with ALLI12 at checkout here!

Get out, enjoy the sun and ENJOY summer with your kids! Make memories, share laughter and have a blast! Why? Because, mama, YOU are worth it! Together we will rise from our literal laundry piles and strengthen our family bonds. Get out there and have some SUMMER TIME FUN IN THE SUN!

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