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Stuck at home? Three ways to give back from home!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Stay at home orders and quarantine cramping your charitable style? Here are some quick ways you can give back from your couch!

1- Watch The Tonight Show Home Edition Starring Jimmy Fallon! Entertaining AND every episode has a charity selected by his guests. A new charitable opportunity that you can give back to during this crazy time of pandemic! My favorite so far is the JBJ Soul kitchen. Jon Bon Jovi

and his wife run 3 kitchens where you can earn your meal or pay it forward by paying for your own and the table next to you with $20. You can bus tables, wash dishes, collect and take out track, serve or cook. Such a cool idea! Check it out at Jbjsoulkitchen.org .

2- Amazon now has an option to shop in support of a charity of your choice. Every time you shop,

Amazon donates to your charity of choice! Remember Caring Hands I shared in a previous post? I have been shopping in support of THAT charity using Smile.Amazon.com and earning money for that charity while I shop for my family's needs! Such a cool way to give back without even trying!

3- I saw an email and a few posts and ads on the internet for opportunities the LDS church was providing. Even if you aren't a member of the LDS Church you can look for opportunities through

their organization to give back! Go to LDS.org and click on their "Serve and Teach" tab. A lot of different types of service opportunities are available. Also they recently launched a new opportunity to serve specific to this pandemic! Read this article to learn more.

Why give back? Giving back boosts your mood and just makes you feel goof! You deserve to feel good, especially when being stuck inside can make you feel so lousy! Give back, why? Because YOU are worth it! Let's Rise Together!

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