• Alli Fields

Stubborn as can be!

Who out there has a stubborn child? A strong willed angel who tests your sanity? I have 3. All three of my kids are strong willed and determined to hold their ground when it's important to them. I have an 8 year old girl, a 3 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. They are all stubborn about their own things...

My eldest struggles with ADD and is head strong... One of those is hard enough to parent, but the combination is impossible some days! I almost feel like her ADD is selective. She shows minimal symptoms at school, but at home- its infuriating. She gets distracted by the tiniest things and even just her own imagination can throw her off track. Homework is a nightmare. She can take up to 4 hours to do a single page of Math with the distractions, tantrums, food breaks, potty breaks, stretch breaks and "squirrel" moments. Thankfully I found something that helps (non medication), but thats a topic for another post.

My middle child is a force to be reckoned with and she carries the cry of a banshee in her pocket. This girl can shred your ear drums with one shrill shriek! She was so difficult to potty train. She just didn't want to. She knew when she needed to pee or poop. She would leave the room and hide to poop. She would request I change her every time she peed. My eyes got larger than golf balls in frustration as I told myself to breathe every time. But then one day, she just decided she was ready and she only had 1 accident in 3 weeks. She still wears a pull-up to bed but wakes up dry most of the time. Now our next battle- the BINKY! We have finally gotten her to the point of not using it except for bedtime. She doesn't need it. But she WONT give it up. I welcome any tips and tricks? Did I mention if she knows where more than one is she has to have ALL of them in hand? She rotates through them every couple minutes. (face in palm!)

Now my little man... I think its natural for boys to be attached to the breast longer than girls whobreastfeed.... But this kid has a full set of teeth, eats solid food, speaks relatively well and he still insists on nursing... Usually I can distract and deter him, but when the boy is tired- he will not give up and he rips my shirt open or shoves his hand down my shirt and pinches my nipples. If I say no he scream and cries the most pathetic cry and says "Peeeeeassssse mom, peeeeaaasssse cherry a top!" It's hilariously pathetic. Most days I can skate through without nursing him, come nightfall and its a whole different story. The struggle is real, the raw and skin torn nipples are real! I think it's time to be exiled!

Do you have strong willed children? What's your struggle? Together we can rise above the miniature stubborn future leaders (some days dictators) in our homes! Why? because, mama, YOU are worth it! Stay strong and true! Together we will reclaim our reign ;).

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