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My Own Little Picasso

My son is 2 years old and one of his favorite past times is to color….. On the walls… and the floor… and the fridge… and the timeout bench… and the tv… and pretty much whatever he can reach… So now I have a couple hacks up my sleeve to share with you incase you have your own Picasso or Michael Angelo.

First hack is change the material… Have you seen those water books that fill a little pen with

water and when pressed to the page, the colors come to life? If you haven’t seen those you should check them out! Well- Let your kiddo “color” with the water pen. You don’t even have to fill it with water. My son took it and walked around the house “marking” everything at his level… BUT I had no mess to clean up! Saved my sanity! They have them at the dollar store ev

en, so it wont break the bank if you are on a tight budget! Another option is to get those markers that color clear, unless they are on the special coloring paper… OOOOH YEAH! They make those! Fantastic and BRILLIANT invention!!!

Another, more expensive, option is to buy that special paint that is stain proof and kid proof! Home Depot sells some and I am sure the traditional paint stores carry some as well. Life happens, and it’s much easier when “life” doesn’t have to be permanent or difficult to clean up. In addition, there are awesome carpets out there now (specifically seen at The Home Depot) that are stain proof… Spill your red wine? No problem! Child drop an open cup of Blue Kool Aid? No problem! It comes right out! Super cool, and some day… it’s happening! Maybe you kid is of the fur variety... Fur babies have accidents and/or disgusting habits too... stain resistant walls and carpet are pretty awesome for protection for children of ALL kinds!

My last suggestion is a little more fun! Get an empty cardboard box and put your toddler inside… hand them the markers (washable is best because we know they love to color on themselves and we don’t need that mess!). Let them color that box to their hearts content! Break down the box and recycle or use it again with a new color next time. All my kids loved this- Even my 8 year old joined in and colored the outside. Save yourself the cleanup headache… try one of these hacks! Why? Because, mama, YOU are worth it! Together we will rise from one more mess we don’t have to cleanup and one more headache we get to avoid! Here’s to your sanity, and mine!

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