• Alli Fields

Mama, It's your day! Feel what you want to feel!

Mother's day often sends me a mixed reel of emotions. I feel joy at the love my kiddos bestow upon me, even if it is just for a few minutes. I feel annoyed that I don't get the same level of love and appreciation any other day of the year. I feel guilty for not being a good enough mother and I feel inadequate. I know that a lot of mama's feel sad and don't enjoy Mother's Day. Those of you who have lost your own mothers find this day sad and nearly unbearable, crying in the bathroom at how much you miss your mom and smiling for your kids so they don't see your heartache. Maybe you are the exception who just LOVES Mother's Day and has no negative feelings towards this holiday at all, but for those of us who are not anxiously awaiting today.... How do we enjoy the day?

A level of self care we don't always think about is our mental health.... You may think it's not an

easy task, to care for you mental health... But a great way is to CYA.... Choose Your Attitude. When this day (or any other day) is hurting your heart, making you anxious, angry, sad or sending you vibes of inadequacy- choose your attitude. You may be thinking "It's not that easy, Phoenix Mama...." But I am here to tell you, it is.... It IS that easy. When you set your mind to feeling a certain way, or having a certain attitude- you can change the shape of your world. It goes both ways... If you choose negativity- you are going to attract negativity.

HOWEVER- if you choose to be positive and happy- you WILL find the good in every situation... Make the conscious decision to choose positivity and to stick to it no matter what! Why? Because, Mama, YOU are worth it! Together we will rise above the mountain of negativity we may feel on this day and CHOOSE to be positive! Have an AMAZING Mother's Day! You deserve it!

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