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Kids will be Kids

Kids say the darndest things, don't they?.... They take our words and twist them, they create their

own words and meanings. I felt a category for the crazy, silly, sad, hilarious and exciting things my kids do was a must! If not only to show you the norm or not so normal behaviors of kids. As a mom I often wonder what's "normal" behavior and what I should be concerned or proud about. There isn't enough knowledge in the world to help you know this, but hopefully with this tiny little category on my blog, you just MIGHT get a a glimpse into how Kids will be Kids.

To start I want to pose a thought... evens are better than odds. I have 3 kids. When all three are

together its a rare phenomenon when they all get along... Like the rarest experience. Someone is always left out, being picked on, yelling to be included, banging on a closed door.... I mean its chaos. But when only two of my kids are together its almost always peaceful and kind. It doesn't matter the combination of the two, but two get along well! 3 is a crowd.

Now, the exception is only children.... Depending on their personalities they can thrive being an odd number... Others desire and CRAVE attention from other people and if they had a sibling they would have that. I am not saying everyone needs two or more kids... I'm saying that only child has a 50/50 chance of needing a sibling or loving the solidarity. But you moms of 3... Did you notice the shift? I barely saw it! My two youngest are 15 months apart. But I see it every day, especially since COVID19 occurred and I had all 3 together all day.

You may think it's a fluke and 4 couldn't be better. But it can! When i babysit my nephew or one of my daughters friends is over- peace again! But if there are two friends or nephews... chaos! Any time I have an odd number of kids at my house, someone is always upset. Even, everyone is kinder and more fair... It's bizarre! I'd love to know your experience with this... do you notice 3 is a crowd, but 4 is a score? What's your experience? Mama, YOU are worth it! Together we will rise above the chaos and find that peace! One child at a time.... Or Maybe it's better to do 2 children at a time?

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