• Alli Fields

"I wanted to make a cranberry pie...."

My kids say the funniest things... how many times a day do you run to your phone or a notebook to write down something hilarious your kid says?

At minimum this happens once a day in our house! I know my sister keeps a quotes file on her phone to save moments she hears my kids say. My three year old daughter, Versailles, is the top contender these days! She has been slaying me! Her sweet little voice makes it all the more hilarious.

We had just sat down to dinner and I cant remember what we were eating.... I think it was rotini noodles with shredded chicken and a garlic plant butter sauce... This is only important to show how random this thought was... We were not eating anything related to her comment... She climbs in her chair and immediately says:

"I wanted to make a cranberry pie, but we don't have any vegetables. I need: -Cucumbers
-carrots -blueberries -strawberries -raspberries -watermelon
and last thing..... A CHECKLIST!"

...... My husband and I looked at each other and busted up laughing... Where in the world did this come from, and I think we are missing a lot of key ingredients for a cranberry pie in that list... What recipes have your kids made up? Have you ever made any of them? I'd love to hear the recipes you made with your kids or what they thought made up their favorite foods!

A little dose of silly 3 year old inspiration from Versailles. Why? Because Mama, YOU are worth a little laughter and fun! Share your own "recipes" below in the comments!

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