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High Seas Lemon Cake (Vegan Friendly/Dairy Free)

Updated: Jan 29

My mother was adopted as a baby. Long story short, her adoptive parents, my grandparents- are the very best humans and I am immensely blessed to have them as my family. My grandma is one of my dearest friends. We did have the chance to meet my mother's birth parents when I was around 8 or 9. We've gotten to know them and know their families. They are not together anymore and shared one more child together when they were married, now they have new spouses and families. Recently my mother's Bio-Mom started a cooking channel on youtube. During the pandemic, my siblings and our spouses/significant others and my mom started doing a virtual get together and making something from her channel. We open a Facebook Messenger Chat and after we watch the video of her recipe we all start making it and ask her questions and get tips, live, as we are making it. We send pictures and progress reports, do beautiful presentations and taste tests together. It's a LOT of fun.

In my house I have a husband and daughter with dairy allergies. I often make her recipes with a dairy free version and share the results. Other times, with my family in mind, she shares a recipe she has that is dairy free already. WE LOVE THOSE! Now I highly suggest you watch her videos for the tips and knowledge she shares with you in them, but I am going to start sharing my results and the recipes we love here. Keep in mind she has many more I wont post on, as they are things my kids just won't eat or don't fit our tastes, but you should subscribe and give credit where it is due! You can find her channel on youtube HERE (click the here and you will go straight to it!) and follow her on Instagram @montecitocook. Check out this ALL TIME FAVORITE (we have made it 6 times in 2 months and plan to make it more!), the High Seas Lemon Bundt Cake.

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