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Freedom Stripper or Life Saver? Back to school we go!

We are living in a really weird world.. I honestly hoped I wouldn’t live in a time where this crap happened… we have sex trafficking, conspiracies regarding a weaponized virus, a pandemic, a conspiracy that said pandemic is all a political front, and we had to homeschool our kids the last couple months of the school year… I never thought I’d live through a time of murder hornets, or a lot of animals being endangered or extinct. I definitely didn’t want to parent through an apocalyptic war zone…. which seems inevitable in the relatively near future. Nor did I see myself living in a time where racism was so active and prevalent. Where we had to make a distinction that a certain race or races lives mattered. I value human life, no matter the color of your skin or the origin of your ancestors. I wish I didn’t live in a time where hormone therapy is handed out like lollipops at a doctor's office to teens, without proper guidance or therapy, through planned parenthood.

But no matter your beliefs on what is true, what’s real and what isn’t is not important at this point… What’s important is that we have state wide mandates on certain topics that have everyone’s feathers ruffled… My kids are tired of being cooped up at home, but we are here most of the time… Or they stay in the car with my husband or I as the other runs into the store or gas station. There are times, they have to come with us, like when one parent is working or in my husband’s case, sleeping all day because he works the night shift and I have to do crap. But when leaving them home, or in the car with an adult (with the air-conditioning on high- don’t worry-I care for and love my children and I don’t leave them in a hot car alone. They always have an adult with them.), I WILL put them in masks and not just because most stores require it now.

I will do it because I personally know multiple people who have contracted Covid19. They have

had awful symptoms… It’s real. People are really sick, and some people really do die. I am not willing to risk my child’s life for the possibility or likelihood that it’s a hoax or political scheme. Are you? To be honest I find it irresponsible and selfish not to… I get the political stance on feeling like your freedoms are stripped and it’s a test to see how sheep-like we can be…

I get that! But my personal opinion is, when something that actually threatens my freedoms, I will stand a fight for my rights and the rights of my fellow americans. But when it’s a simple discomfort to stop/slow the spread of a very real virus, I am gonna do it. To those who talk about it making us weak and hurting our immune system, I say read my Sunday post and get a quality full spectrum nutritional supplement to boost your immune system, and you only have to wear one in public… you don’t have to wear it at home, or in your car or when you are alone… So buck up and suck it up so we can get back to normal.

On that note- Normal is school for my kids. Or kid, as only my oldest is school age. But with school comes a requirement to wear masks. I love my kid, but I am not gonna homeschool again until my other ones are older… It’s too much work to be teacher, parent and working mom at the same time. Not just the same day… I mean ALL at ONCE. I have kids who need me to make them food, change their diapers, entertain and love them while I am teaching times tables and civil rights history to my 2nd grader; all the while doing my work duties and my personal blog. Not to mention being a woman, a wife and a friend. I am a great multi-talker but I’ve learned when too much is too much. I can prioritize, and I can time manage, but sometimes those are not possible to separate.

So I digress, my oldest is going back to school. Which means she needs masks! Well- thankfully she, and my other kids, have been excellent mask wearers! Better than many adults in fact. My kids remind us before we get out of the car to put on a mask, request to have their own in case they get to go. So here is what I have done. I have 2 masks (at least) for each person in my family and I have gotten 5 for my oldest to have one for each weekday when school starts. I was able to buy in a bundle to save money, but have you noticed that even “kids” masks are a little big for your kiddo? No? Just mine? She IS kind of small. Especially for my 2 and 3 year old, most kids masks are too big. I just got adult sizes and tied knots on the ears. It’s perfect! Guess what else… I use the hanger tabs in my van as mask holders so they aren’t playing with them, dropping them on the floor, getting snacks all

over them… They only touch them when we put them on to get out of the car. We wash them regularly and we keep hand sanitizer everywhere. I love the cute prints from Halftee Layering Fashions for my girls, and even my little dude likes to wear the black one with white diamonds. Plus I get 20% off with my special code. Check out my deals and discounts page for the discount code and grab your own before they are gone.

It’s a state Mandate in my state, and I NEED to send my kid back to school. So I will take the precautions necessary and I will follow the rules to be able to do so. My daughter said she wanted to go to school even if she had to wear a mask all day every day. So we agreed and that’s our plan… Get your kids some masks, send them to school to have a small sense of what life was 6 months ago. Give yourself a break… Why? Because Mama, YOU are worth it and your kids lives are worth wearing a mask in public. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, be kind and together we will rise above this crazy pandemic ridden time. Until Thursday. You got this Mama!

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