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Finding Financial Freedom

Often as a stay at home mom, I wanted to do more. My husband comes home exhausted, we barely see him, and our bills are barely being paid... If any emergency car work needed to be done, or when my son broke his leg- we were uninsured, and unable to afford the hospital bills. Does this sound familiar? I am so thankful I found a part time work from home job that eases the burden, but its not enough... So what did I do? I started looking for side hustles... Everything was out of my realm of possibilities... A lot more time required than I could give, I needed a quiet space for phone calls (uh hello? I have 3 young kids... quiet is not an option), or I needed to be on call. Also, unfathomable to coincide with my primary role as mother and caretaker, along with my part time job that fortunately fit my needs. I have done the MLM's and the party hosting... No payoff... I figured out why... Because those all focused on serving the company and I wasn't growing as a person.

Then I found something within an amazing group of people developing and training people how

to be their best selves and earn an income through affiliate marketing... Well, I could do that! My part time job was all about getting people to be affiliates for us and earning a commission..... The best side hustle, is a PASSIVE side hustle... Meaning you put in the work, then make money off the clock... AND it reoccurs and regenerates. Not to mention, my side hustle has an amazing product I feel good about being an affiliate for. With the added bonus of focusing on how I can bless other peoples lives, this is a perfect fit for me. They taught me how to really see myself and show what I had to offer the world. How to find people I could serve in my spare time. How to love myself again. How NOT to doubt myself and to love the perfectionist in me even when she isn't perfect. PS who doesn't want more money? Who couldn't use a bigger savings? This affiliate group has amazing workbooks and teachers too. They help you figure out your debt, how to get out of it, how to create a savings and invest smartly to increase your income. To make your income work for YOU, not the other way around.

My life has changed drastically. With a goal to help every affiliate own a home through this passive income- I'm well on my way and Im excited for what the future holds.... The near future. Knowing the milestones I have hit and milestones I will hit- I will be giving back so much more than I can now. I can't wait to change the world the way I have wanted to my entire life. My daughter has a dream to create a polar express of sorts for kids in orphanages and foster care to ride and get gifts at the end from our home. This affiliate program will make that dream a reality and I cant wait to give that to her and to partake in that blessing and ability to create it.

What are your dreams? Or dreams your kids have? Do you want to take vacations, or set up a

collage fund, maybe give back to your loving and devoted parents who gave you so much? Whatever your goal, it's possible with this affiliate program. I promise you that! We can work smarter, not harder, and we can create a passive income to support the efforts of our working partners. I know women who have been able to retire their husbands early from their dangerous careers as firefighters or police force. Maybe, you just want to be debt free, or payoff your car. You got it mama! Why? Because YOU and your family ARE WORTH IT! Find the side hustle that is best for you! Together we will RISE and thrive!

Learn about MY passive income stream! Send me a message or email and I will get you the link!

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