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Ever Growing List of Hobbies

Let's face it. Motherhood is an all consuming practice. It never seems to end. Not that we want it to end, but sometimes we need a break. To do something, ANYTHING, that isn't centered around our kids... If you are like me, you have lost all your hobbies. Not out of disinterest, but out of no time... I have had no time for anything other than feeding, cleaning, playing and caring for your kids and spouse/significant other. I've learned that I NEED a hobby. I need something that is mine and mine alone. A skill to learn, an activity to do... ANYTHING that pushes me and makes me want to make time for it. Why? Because just like you, mama, I'm WORTH it!

So here it is... My basic list of 10 hobby ideas. It will grow continually and I would love YOUR suggestions. See something missing from my list, or have you found a new hobby you love? Comment on this post or send me a message/email and I will add it to the list with a little shoutout to you!

1- Dancing (Date night) 2- Cross Stitching (while watching a movie with your kids) 3- Quilt Making (kids are asleep!) 4- Gardening (you can do this WHILE your kids play outside)

5- Fitness ( we all need some exercise, it doesn't have to be body builder status) 6- Reading (personal growth books along with something fun. Join a Book Club) 7-Meditation (we all know mama's need a little zen. If your kiddos are old enough, do it together) 8- Fishing (take your kids to do a little fishing. teaches patience ;).....) 9- Hiking (Do an early morning hike when it's cooler. You can even take your kids!) 10- Painting (there are a lot of local artists who do paint nights. even virtual. I know a few if you want suggestions.)

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