• Alli Fields

Beautiful Innocence

Let’s get old school for a minute… There are a lot of technological advances that have been

made, even in MY lifetime. Rotary phones moved to buttons, chorded phones turned cordless, cell phones became a thing. Dial up became wifi. Myspace became Facebook which added Instagram and snapchat and tik tok and all these crazy social advances… But lets not forget the simpler things… slide shows with voiceover recordings became books on tape, which became youtube videos and many other things…

I am reminded of how old I am (as well as how young) when my kids point something out. So the other Sunday I was visiting my mom and dad and they turned on a video that had once been a slide show used in church lessons for Seminary… My dad’s family was in it as kids… Their family took all the photo stills that became the images for professional voiceover actors to read a script to.

As we watched the video my oldest, who is now 8, turns to me and quietly says

“Mom, there is a lot of swearing in this video for being a church video.”

Bewildered, as I had not heard one bad word, I said to her “What do you mean babe? What bad words?” “It keeps beeping…. When it beeps like that in a video its to cover up swear words.”

We busted up laughing! Back when this was made they used to include a cue for clicking to the next slide… or books on tape it would chime when it was time to turn the page… She thought every time the slide changed someone was cursing!

You guys- it’s now one of my most favorite memories! It’s important to keep record of these moments in time… Why? Because, Mama, you (and your kids comedic timing) are WORTH it!

Happy Wednesday!

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