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An Easter message for you, Mama!

Have you ever heard "motherhood is a divine calling gifted to women"? I struggle with that often… What makes a woman more adequate at being a mother than a man? Would a man really do it differently if it was what they always knew? My husband can be nurturing and s

oft… But I learned a little something in my personal mindset study… We will get into that in just a sec…

As a mother, I often look for teaching opportunities for my kids… particularly on Holidays that have a skewed true purpose that is confusing for them. As I was reflecting on what I might discuss with my babes this year I had the strangest sense of needing to write to you mamas about how the importance of motherhood is tied to Christian Easter Practices.

In the very most basic explanation- Easter is the time most Christians Celebrate the Life of Christ. The Resurrection of Christ after His crucifixion.

He suffered the pains and sins of the world as a way to “pay the debt” of our mortal lives so we can be saved by His grace. After His death, Christ was moved into a tomb, where he later was found to be missing.. He was not missing, in fact, He had risen from the dead, resurrected with the promise that we too would be resurrected after our mortal deaths. In my religion, we celebrate that He has risen and provided us an opportunity to be perfected through His grace.

Now, you may be thinking “Is this going anywhere?” I swear the connection is coming… But first… Motherhood: The unconditional love we are naturally filled with while we protect and grow our miraculous babies. A natural and instinctual ability to nurture and give of ourselves beyond normal capacity. Think about that word….. Unconditional…. What does that really mean? It means no matter what that child does, good or bad, we will love them. We may be disappointed in a wrong choice or exceedingly proud of an accomplishment- but our love will always be there.

As our love pours out without a catch, as does the Savior’s. He died for us… We were not required to do anything for Him to make that choice… All we are asked is make the best choices we can… and forgiven when we ask for it.

I started to see the DIVINE calling in motherhood as I reflected on this. We as women were trusted to provide the same unconditional love and forgiveness the Savior has for all.

We sacrifice much for our children. NOW- first I want to stress I am not saying our sacrifices are equal to that of the Savior’s, and I am not saying husbands do not have the ability to unconditionally love! Of course they can… But the way women love is different from the way men love. Our love mirrors the Savior’s love more closely.

So the next time you are losing your patience and upset at choices from your little’s, remember your DIVINE ability to love and forgive unconditionally and it just might help you come back to your center.

As we reflect on the death and resurrection of the Savior, may we be evermore thankful for the gift we were given to share His ability to love and forgive more freely and without condition… I know I will more clearly be able to see my own divinity this Easter. Happy Easter beautiful women! Never forget....You are worth it! Together we will Rise rom the Laundry Pile!

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